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Acceptability and efficacy of naltrexone for criminal justice‐involved individuals with opioid use disorder: a systematic review and meta‐analysis

Naltrexone appears to be efficacious and acceptable for the treatment of opioid use disorder among criminal justice‐involved individuals.

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Cardiovascular and neuropsychiatric safety of smoking cessation pharmacotherapies in non‐depressed adults: a retrospective cohort study

Compared with nicotine replacement therapy, varenicline does not appear to be associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular or neuropsychiatric hospitalizations.

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Estimated changes in hospital admissions for alcohol intoxication after partial bans on off‐premises sales of alcoholic beverages in the canton of Vaud, Switzerland: an interrupted time-series analysis

Partial restrictions of off‐premises sales of alcohol in Switzerland (only 2 days per week or only for beer and spirits) appeared to reduce hospital admissions for alcohol intoxication across a wide range of ages.

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Addiction News offers a weekly round-up of searchable addiction-related global news stories.  Our weekly COVID-19 bibliography lists articles found in PubMed from searches involving addiction-related topics and COVID-19. 

The Society for the Study of Addiction's collection of addiction-related COVID-19 resources includes perspectives from policymakers, views from clinicians working in treatment services, and summaries of global policy responses. 


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